Babs votes for electricity

Posted on March 4, 2012


Babs Young writes: We’ve had a rather mild winter until Friday night. Then it started to snow and it snowed and snowed until we had any where from 10 or 18 inches depending on where you were located. That’s all a good thing, we love snow up here, but this time the snow was very wet and heavy and so by midnight on Friday, my power was gone. It didn’t come back for good or at least I think it is for good, until 2:30 this afternoon. I will not vote to live next to a wood stove and see at night by candles any time soon. I’m spoiled by electricity. I want to keep it.

However the snow is beautiful and I took about 100 pictures yesterday and today. So I put some more up on Flickr. Below are pine trees in Blue Heaven.

My power came back on, too, and you may be sure I’ll show you my side of US-31 tomorrow. Assuming my power remains on. Blessed power.