Where in the world is Babs?

Posted on November 27, 2011


Never mind, we’ll tell you. She writes, I’m not in Michigan this Sunday, but I am in Florence, Italy where my niece Cyndi completed her first marathon today. She did very well and did it in a little over four hours. My other niece Patti is here too and we are making a small vacation of this event. The weather has been perfect and we will take a trip into the countryside tomorrow and return to the USA on Tuesday. This is an image of the Arno River taken this morning as Cyndi began the marathon. This river runs through the middle of Florence. I have taken hundreds of pictures, and will work on a few to post on flickr when I return.

Now that is not something you see every day—unless you live in Florence, of course. I am feeling just the least little bit envious. Last year about this time we got to go to Egypt with Wendi. This year Babs is wandering about Florence, and who knows if she’ll ever be able to tear herself away. And where have I gone? (OK, I got to go to a Red Wings playoff game at Joe Louis Arena with Rob the Firefighter and the Lady Alicia, so that’s all right then. But that was a couple of years ago. I am definitely up for another trip.)

When Babs gets back we will give her a couple of days to get over jet lag. Then we will all pile on and demand to see the rest of the pictures.