And a happy Blue and Green Friday to you

Posted on November 25, 2011


Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, began with the usual rituals. Start the coffee, go down the steps and across the road to the mailbox, pull the Record-Eagle from its green tube. Call the dogs, trundle back up the steps, feed the livestock, settle in with NPR and the paper.

Oh goody. A nice fat paper. Lots to read. Wait, wait . . .


A skinny holiday paper with a fat packet of ads.  Many, many ads.  I give passing thought to writing a post about them, but end up dumping them all in the recycling bag.   I do not do Competitive Shopping.  It gives me heartburn.

I cannot pinpoint the exact moment when the loathsome “Black Friday” marketing concept erupted in our culture, but according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, neuroscience researcher Bonnie Taylor-Blake can.  According to her, the phrase roared into the shouting heads territory in 2004-2005.  This is not a Holiday Tradition.

Doesn’t matter.  There are lots of things that are holiday traditions that I can do without, too.  Anyway, I have a holiday tradition of my own.  It is called Blue and Green Friday, and it involves furry companions, peaceful pursuits, and excellent treats.  Here is how we celebrated today.

We went to Barnes Park with a cup of coffee and some treats.  We sat in the car in the sun and ate our treats and drank our coffee–OK, that was just me–and then went for a nice walk on the beach.  On our way back we saw Daugherty Johnson down there with a son-in-law and assorted grandchildren, looking at the Big Lake and searching for Petoskey stones.  Or whatever else looked interesting.

Then we went off to Lakeview cemetery to pay our respects to some of the Civil War veterans and take a picture of a newer gravestone for someone who had requested same.  David Hill was a veteran, too–a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army–but of more recent vintage.  His family misses him.

We stopped at Chris and Sonny’s for some cheese, and at Friske’s for some cider, and at King’s for some apples.  No waiting at any of those places.  Nice people to talk to.  And now I am off to supper with friends.  I hope you found whatever you were looking for today.  I am pretty sure I have everything I need.