Essex Road Barn

Posted on November 19, 2011


November has its moments, and a good number were on display on Friday.   A half hour with nothing to do but cast off and drift for a bit.  Climb around on the ridge above Ellsworth Lake.  Watch the breeze riffle the needles of a young white pine.  Make a circuit around an old barn that creaks and groans in the warm sun.

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F.H. Skow owned that land around the turn of the last century.  There hasn’t been a farm there for a long time, though.  The old barn perches on the edge of Elmer’s Essex Road sand and gravel pit now.  One day it will come down, but not just yet.  I gave it a wide berth, just in case.  Gravel trucks moved in and out, the red Coast Guard helicopter cruised overhead.  It was time to go.