Broadband by Thanksgiving

Posted on September 23, 2011


Bill Morand of Charter dropped me a note to say that “the Torch Lake upgrade process is on schedule for [the] end of October. We will be offering upgraded services the start of November.”  Well, I thought, that is good news.  I’ve seen the trucks out and about.  I have waved at The Installer Guys and offered to bring them coffee and promised them a parade when they’re done.

I had two questions (bold) and Bill had answers (italics). 

How much is it going to cost?

I don’t think that we’ve completely settled the issue of rates for video services yet. Eventually, they will be the same as in other areas like Traverse City.

As for services that will be new to the area (phone, Internet),the pricing structure will mirror that of the rest of our upgraded areas. For instance, HSD (high speed data) rates will begin at our everyday low rate of $19.99 for 1Meg (Lite) service, and $29.99 for our 12Meg (Express) service – on up to $99.99 for our Ultra60 (60Meg)service.

I’m not a Charter cable TV subscriber. Do I have to do anything special to prepare for a connection between my house and the service?

If you don’t have an existing (functioning) cable-drop (connecting your home to our plant), a standard installation will be required. There is generally a nominal fee that accompanies this drop – to cover material & labor. By “standard” I mean a single drop (above ground or buried) that doesn’t require re-amplification of signal due to excessive length.

In some cases, we may need to actually replace existing drops, due to erosion of quality. These will obviously be addressed on a “per-case” basis.

Now you know everything I know—about that, anyway.  No telling what I’ll come up with tomorrow.  Meanwhile, You Go, Guys!