Never too many of ’em. Never.

Posted on September 19, 2011


On Friday Babs and Betty Jo and I headed over to Leland.  It was an expedition, as it takes almost an hour and a half to get down our side of the Bay and back up the other side on the Leelanau Peninsula.  We had a good dinner together at the Bluebird, then wandered off in separate directions.  Betty Jo and I headed to a benefit performance of The Story Next Door with Scott Craig and Friends at the Old Art Building. While we were inside engrossed in the stories of ten local lives, told in music and dance and images and readings, Babs was in Fishtown with her camera, adding to her sunset collection.  Fortunately, she shares.

I long to explore that path. I’m just sure there are wonderful discoveries waiting there.

I believe I’ve mentioned before that a person can never have too many sunsets. I’m of the same opinion with regard to stories. Babs has been filling up her Flickr site with more sunsets from the Leland Expedition—and fishing boats, as is proper.  I’m off to the Township Hall to hear more stories.  I’ll share too.