Letters, we get amazing letters

Posted on July 27, 2011


I heard from Tonya Wildfong over at Team Elmers.  I’d asked Tonya if she could rustle up a good picture of Vicky Long, driver of the Big Pink Cement Mixer, on account of none of my snapshots did her justice.  Here you go–Vicky at the wheel.  Told you the woman has a great smile.

Tonya sent other photos, too, and I thought you’d find this one interesting.  Looks like it was taken Out West somewhere, doesn’t it?  But no, that’s a Michigan gravel pile.  Impressive, I thought.  Not something you see every day, a great big pink cement mixer dwarfed by a gravel pile.

Donna Lane sent me an email FWD.  Usually I delete FWDs, but Donna is not prone to disseminating tedium, so I opened it.  Donna wrote:  I did not take this picture.  I think this is something to blog about.  Babs has said she would lose all the weight and water ski in style this year and she did it at 70.  She could become the new poster child for seniors. It is never too late.

Too late indeed.  In my opinion Our Babs is just getting warmed up.  Anyway, first I had to find out who did take the photo, on account of I do not publish just anything you know.  Turns out the photographer was Tyler Sellmer, who is a useful person all the way around, good at things like extracting unwary bloggers from snowpiles.  It also turns out that Babs already posted the photo on her Facebook page, so you may have seen it.  I did not see it because I hardly ever visit Facebook (sloooow dialup and general crankiness).  Scooped again.