The Pinkification of Team Elmer’s

Posted on July 16, 2011


I expect you, too, have seen a bright pink cement mixer around the County, its drum turning merrily as it trundles up the highway.  You can hardly miss it.  Getting its picture is something else entirely.  On Friday I spotted it at the Birch Lake Roadside Park construction site.

I pulled in, parked caterwhompus and dashed for a vantage point.

Pinky is part of the Team Elmer’s fleet.  The front of the truck is emblazoned with the construction company’s slogan—Get a Load of This!  The rest of the paint job is a rallying cry against breast cancer.

Driver Vicky Long said the whole thing started when the front of her rig needed to be repainted.  How about pink? she asked.  Fine.  One thing led to another, and pretty soon she was driving a happy pink cement mixer, up to her hubcaps in the fight against cancer.  Last year Team Elmer’s and Pinky raised over $38,000 for the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, cancer support units at Munson Healthcare and breast cancer awareness.  This year a new campaign, Hit Cancer Below the Belt, will help fund awareness and screening for colorectal, prostate, testicular, cervical and ovarian cancer.  Take that, Invasive Species!

Vicky, who was wearing a pink t-shirt atop her boots and jeans, is a happy woman.  I did not get a good picture of her and I’m really sorry about that because her smile would remind you of Betty Hoover’s.  I did manage this much.  You can glimpse Vicky over there on the left, headed back to her rig.  [Update 7/27/2011:  Tonya over at Team Elmer’s sent me some photos.  You can see Vicky’s smile here.]

It turns out that the story of the pink cement mixer was all over Other Local Media, including Team Elmer’s Facebook, all last summer.  This year Pinky was in the Kid’s Parade at the Cherry Festival.  Clearly I do not get out enough.  Ah well.  I never promised you cutting edge journalism.  Now go get your mammogram or your screening.  It may be old news but it bears repeating.