Gingerbread in the petunia patch

Posted on July 11, 2011


Babs Young has been looking at the world from the other side of the lake.  She writes: This is the home of Patti and Jack Findlay in Alden and was part of their Garden Walk. Patti has beautiful gardens which are certainly worth seeing.

Then does she show us these gardens? She does not, except for that pretty frill of petunias. They remain Secret Gardens, and you may imagine them as you will.  But I must say Patti has some pretty cool gingerbread. And did you notice the tidy stained-glass borders on the windows?  And the fishscale siding?  And the screen door!  I love the screen door.

I am fond of looking at gingerbread on other people’s houses. Looking at it on my own would fill me with despair.  All that work, I would think, and then I would go and have a nap in the hammock in the Secret Gardens.