Beginning the week with a good attitude

Posted on June 13, 2011


Victorious Buttercup emerges from bracken

The phone rang this morning as I was making coffee. The caller was Bill Morand, the brand new media relations person for Charter Communications, returning my call. Yes, he said, he could help me sort out the swirling rumors about High Speed Internet in Torch Lake Township and Environs. He will be up here this week and we will learn what there is to learn. You will be the first to know.

Later in the day a tech from Frontier Communications tested my phone lines and referred me to people who should be able to speak authoritatively about the company’s plans for extending DSL service in Antrim County.

I’m on a roll here. I am going to keep slugging away at it.  Stay tuned.

Attractive slug reaches unexpected heights

In other news, it took awhile, but we got the weekly photo from Babs loaded onto WordPress at last. If you were disappointed yesterday, you can go back now to see the irises in all their glory.