Isn’t it romantic

Posted on June 1, 2011


It was hot and muggy, but never mind.  A summer storm was coming across the Bay and would surely cool us off.  Then the wind blew and the trees shook and the rain came down in one big splash and the power went out.  Never mind, dining by candlelight is always nice.  Wait, wait—there’s something wrong with this picture.

That’s it. We are not dining by candlelight. We are cooking by candlelight.   Sort of.  Since the stove is electric, we are hoping against hope that the remaining heat in the pan and the burner will be enough to finish cooking dinner.

We were hungry.  We ate it anyway.

This morning the power was still out at the Writing Studio and Bait Shop.  Blessedly, it was on at the Eastport Market, so I bought a cup of coffee and a piece of Bill Warner’s cherry creamcheese coffeecake and traded news with Russ and Donna.  Seems a big tree crashed down at their place over in Central Lake.  It landed right where their 16 year old daughter parks her car, but fortunately she was out and about in said car at the time.  Unfortunately, that left them with plenty of time to worry about where else big trees might be crashing down.  It all worked out of course.  Most stuff does.  But this parenthood business is not for wimps.