What would Andy Goldsworthy do?

Posted on May 5, 2011


If we commissioned Andy Goldsworthy to come to Elk Rapids Michigan to do an installation, I wonder what he’d create? I’ll probably never know, but meanwhile, here’s what the Environmental Art Class, inspired by Goldsworthy, did yesterday on the shore of Grand Traverse Bay. They’re still exploring, still learning. They have three weeks left, and they’re about ready to plan and execute their final installation. This slideshow is from Babs Young.

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Babs and Katherine and I rode down together, which made for an interesting afternoon. We observed that the makeup of the class has changed, with the boys fading away and more girls joining. We observed that kids can run around on the beach in shorts and flipflops the minute it gets sunny. We all learned just how much material it takes to fill in a large outline. Good to know as the class approaches the Final Installation. Stay tuned.