4 Sale

Posted on April 21, 2011


It’s been a busy little springtime in the local real estate market.  Troy La Count bought Klooster’s Eastport Service, Mike Collins bought the old Township Hall–I’ll tell you more about both of those tomorrow.

Here is a house that is 4 Sale in Elk Rapids. Built in 1869, on the National Register, very appealing. A very short walk to the beach, the library, the nice little shops and restaurants on River Street. Cool neighbors.

Here is a business that is 4 Sale in Torch Lake Village. Completely redone in 2001, immortalized on Torch Lake Views, a very short walk to the Bill Good Day Park on Torch Lake.  Known far and wide for the quality of the meats and cheeses, the excellent treats . . . and the stories.

I’ve been driving past the sign for days thinking nothing of it. Fresh fish and chicken salad 4 sale.  OK.  But Sonny says no, they mean the whole place is 4 sale, including the fresh fish and the chicken salad. He and Chris had the most wonderful relaxing winter. They’re looking forward to a good summer, too, but they know they don’t want to run the market forever. So the Market is on the market.

Who says bloggers never bring you hard news?