Baby bunnies at Possum Hollow

Posted on March 18, 2011


Out on the Flat Road, in between painting cupcakes at the Possum Hollow Studio, Margie Guyot is raising bunnies. She sees the cupcakes as subject matter for her art, and does not eat them. She sees the bunnies as dinner—though not yet, so don’t worry. No bunnies were harmed in the making of this slideshow.

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Margie writes: Finally was able to get photos of the baby bunnies that were born on March 1st. I’d never had rabbits before, but one of my friends knows all about them and advised me not to go near them at first. Mother rabbits sometimes kill them if alarmed. Wednesday was the first day the nest fur was parted enough to see a little face. Yesterday they all had their eyes open. The little dark one was chasing Mom around, trying to nurse. Notice his little tongue? These are English Spots.

You think I’m kidding about the cupcakes? I’m not. Maybe it’s the weather. Margie has been painting cupcakes all winter. I have gained three pounds just from visiting her blog. But she’s about ready to move on to something else.  A party scene.