Cue tumbleweeds

Posted on March 10, 2011


The skies are gray, the weather forecast is unpleasant, and I’m shooting blind with the old little camera.  March in the North Country can cause a person to brood. Over in Central Lake I half expected a snowy tumbleweed to blow down Main Street. The display windows at Bachmann’s are empty.  I do not think the windows at Bachmann’s have been entirely empty like that since . . . since . . . since before I was born.

There is a cheerful “Gone Fishing” sign, and word around town is that yes, what we have here is a vacation, not a closure. Still, storefronts on both sides have For Rent signs in the windows. Rocket Rob’s Pizza across the street is closed for good. So is the corner bar, and Tia’s Restaurant.  I did not have the heart to take all those pictures.

Back in Eastport, Chris and Sonny are on hiatus at the Eastport Market. Not to worry, they’ll be open in April!  Imagine the funk I’d be in otherwise.

Part of it is just March. It’s going to be a few weeks before the Day Park generates much activity.

But part of it is something deeper. It’s just like Mom always said. It isn’t enough to be beautiful. The same roads that flow across the drumlins carry young families away in search of opportunity.

Fortunately, there’s usually a patch of blue, even on a gray March day. Next week I’ll tell you about some of the intrepid souls who are building the Next New Thing. What the heck, maybe we’ll build something new at the Writing Studio and Bait Shop, too.