Fun and free

Posted on February 11, 2011


Arts and sciences, excellent treats—cabin fever cures on all sides—and they are free!  What a weekend.  I don’t see how you can go wrong.

Rube Goldberg at Raven Hill: Saturday, February 12th from noon to 4 pm, is Second Saturday Science, with free admission for families. Kids can learn more about the laws of motion by building and operating Goldberg-inspired devices, those convoluted creations that accomplish simple tasks.

There are fun problem-solving demos and activities to fit various ages, abilities and interests. Family groups can strengthen creative and critical thinking skills and enjoy the museum, animals and outdoor exhibits. Raven Hill is at 4737 Fuller Road, between East Jordan and Boyne City.  For more information, directions or to get up to date information on road conditions, call 231.536.3369.

For the Love of Letters at JRAC:  On Sunday, February 13, between 1:00 and 4:00 pm, you can make a tiny valentine, be amazed by handmade books, meditate upon the words of Wendell Berry, read Leslie Lee’s travel diaries, write part of a Communal Rant, and snack on excellent treats.  Here’s a peek behind the scenes as finishing touches were put on the show.  Babs Young, Kathleen Glynn and Jacky Trimble did the work.  I documented.  Lily supplied the cuteness factor so necessary for a Valentine celebration.  Hover that mouse for a photo ID, or click for a bigger version, wherein you may spot Jacky atop a ladder.  So much for the romance of A Life in Art.

The Great Indoor Folk Festival will warm the cockles of your heart at Grand Traverse Commons on Sunday, from noon-5:30. Browse the Mercado, hear some great music—Song of the Lakes, New Third Coast, Jim Crockett, Mary Anne Rivers, Robin Lee Berry—more than 50 musicians in all.  Louan Lechler, fresh off her Very Last Chemo Treatment, is feeling her oats.  She might even burst into song somewhere in the vicinity of the CD table. You just never know.  I, however, have promised not to sing, which met with universal approval.