And so it begins

Posted on November 5, 2010


We’ve arrived at the season where we wake in the dark and have to get up anyway.  Pad downstairs, start coffee, go across the road for the paper . . . oh.  Look what Mama Nature has brought us, all wrapped up in a bow.

It’s fortunate that at least some of our winter preparations are underway.  On Wednesday I wended my way to Traverse City in search of winter boots that will not leak and assorted weatherization materials.  I dread these little trips.  I hate shopping.  But needs must. 

The boots turned out to be easy.  I found a parking space across from Golden Shoes.  Inside, a helpful salesperson showed me all the possibilities, paying close attention to what I said.  Then she rummaged around in the back and brought out boots in my size and in my budget.  I left in less than half an hour clutching my new boots to my heart.  I do not care if you bought the same boots for less on line.  I like trying things on and taking them home with me. 

The weatherization materials turned out to be harder.  This is odd, because I am usually happy in hardware stores and lumber yards.  They smell good and they are mostly filled with useful stuff organized in sensible ways.  Not on Wednesday.  I wandered so much that I got lost in the store.  Why on earth would they scatter different sizes of those silly plastic window coverings all over the store?  The clerks shrugged.  They didn’t know either.  Finally I happened upon the secret stash of assorted sizes and fled with my purchase. 

That’s not all.  Since I was in Traverse City I gritted my teeth and headed for one of the big box stores that people are always telling me are wonderful.  Well, this one must be extremely wonderful because the parking lot was so jammed I couldn’t even make my way through it and I left without ever getting near the front door.  “Left” is used loosely–once into the maze of the parking lot I could not find my way out.  I could see the highway.  What I could not see was the way to get from where I was to where it was.  I contemplated leaving the car in the parking lot and climbing down to the highway in my new boots.  From there I could hitchhike home.

Before I could act on the impulse the exit appeared.  Oh joyful moment! 

One more stop on the way home.  Good old KMart had comforters on sale at a very favorable price.  I bought two.  I’ll show you what those are about later.  Right now I have to pull on my new boots and take the dogs for a walk.  It’s still snowing, but I am prepared. 

Miss Sadie says she thinks they make me look fat, but I pointed out to her that if I could take the picture from the other end my feet would look big and the rest of me would look positively svelte.  She looked dubious.  She is accustomed to looking at me from the bottom up, and has not noticed any particular svelteness.

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