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Posted on October 19, 2010


Women Warriors at the Amvets Hall

I went to the Antrim County High Tea for Breast Cancer Prevention fundraiser on Sunday because Louan asked me to. After all, she said, if it hadn’t been for the services and support offered by that group she’d be, well, dead. That seemed like a pretty good reason, so I trundled down to Elk Rapids. I did not get a whole lot of good photos, although the potential was fabulous. This was a women-only event, not because men do not develop breast cancers–they do–and not because women do not rely upon the stalwart support of the wonderful men in their lives when Bad Stuff Happens–we do–but because this is a rowdy, get-down, let-what-hair-you’ve-got-left-down party. Sort of like deer camp for grrrrls. We ate what we wanted to, and all of it was delicious. We told each other stories that will never find their way into these pages. We won raffle prizes. We belly-danced. We had reiki treatments. We were measured and analyzed for custom bras. The crowd was extremely diverse, ranging from astonishing young women who can actually dance wearing four-inch spike heels to old bats with attitude who belly-danced with canes. I will share with you these photos only:

To see the rest of it, you will have to come to the next event. (See how devious I am?)

Blogly Puzzles

This is one other bloggers will nod at, but I thought the rest of you might be amused, too. These are some of the search terms that people used to find their way to Torch Lake Views yesterday. Some of them make sense to me. Others . . . life is a great mystery, isn’t it?

  • antique wife
  • red wings rafters
  • presentation first slide
  • van gough sunflowers
  • wolves howling
  • the fly and the bull