“All the parts of my life are here”

Posted on October 14, 2010


That’s what Louan said on Sunday, looking around at the crowd of musicians, actors, artists, lawyers, writers, designers, printers, poets, old hippies, the kids from Mrs. LaPan’s kindergarten class at Holy Angels Elementary . . . you get the idea. Those of you from Away might find all this a little less compelling than those of you from Around Here, but bear with us. We had a heckuva good time over at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Greilickville, and it’s fun to look at the pictures. Every counter in the kitchen was crowded with guitar cases and fiddle cases and saxophone stands and the stage was a borrowed red velvet curtain hung over a pipe, and the tables were the folding kind and the food was from-the-heart potluck and it was . . . fine.

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Reminds me of my friend Dan Neal at the wedding of his daughter Megan to the wonderful Grant. “Everywhere I look,” he said, “I see someone I love.” And that is what it was like. There are way too many photos in the slideshow, and they are not technically proficient, as the little camera and I were scooting about on my bahookie on the dance floor, getting in the way, but the event itself was excellent. The silent auction was full of wonderful things, and the performers put their whole souls into entertaining the crowd, and the treats . . . well. Let us just say that no one went home hungry.

For those of you from Away, the thank you cards in the basket are from Louan, and they say “I love you so much” because one of her very best songs begins just that way.

Oh I loved you so much
That I wrote you this song
And I want you to have it
To keep with you always,
To wear on your heart
Even though we’re not together . . .

If you should find
You’re in desperate need of a song
Sing this one to someone you love
Pass the warm feeling along . . .

‘Cause I loved you so much
That I wrote you this song . . .

If you were there, you know. If you are from Away, I hope you have some sense of how grand it was. And how simple. Simply grand. And now you have a song of your very own, for when you need it. Pass the warm feeling along.