Raining frogs and cabbages

Posted on September 12, 2010


Things have been a bit, um, lively around here for the last few days, and then the sloooow dialup turned to noooooo dialup. Lots to catch up on, no time to do it. Fortunately, Margie Guyot paints, and today she’s going to paint the fence. While you wait for the slideshow to load, I will tell you Margie’s news. The jury selected one of the paintings you’re about to see for exhibition in the American Women Artists 2010 National Juried Exhibit in Dallas. You can read more about Frog Tea Party over at Margie’s place.

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I subscribe to Margie’s feed for the same reason I subscribe to Writer’s Almanac. Every day I get a surprise package containing something worth reading and something worth looking at. I love surprises. One of these days I’m going to trail around after Margie and write a blog about it all. That’s if I can manage to keep up with her for a whole afternoon. I’ll bet there will be lots of surprises. And I promise not to write about watching paint dry. Unless it tickles my funny bone. Then all bets are off.