Excellent news and the Weekly Babs Report

Posted on September 6, 2010


It rained Saturday night and still it was a festive evening over at the Poem Dome in the Wootens’ back yard. The results of Louan’s third surgery were in, and we are arrived at the blessed state of Clear Margins, which means all invasive species have been rooted out. Next there will be a campaign of chemo and radiation to prevent their return, but we cross each bridge as we come to it, and everyone here is doing happy dances.

You already know about the rainbow of course, because for once the Blogger managed to scoop the Cub Reporter. But look at the photo Babs made of it!  With gulls!  For those of you from Away, yes, that is exactly the color of the Bay.

Babs writes: This was Grand Traverse Bay on Saturday. There was a gorgeous rainbow, great clouds, sun, rain, gulls and great color. The makings of a good photo. Then I checked Torch Lake Views and Gerry got there at the same time.

Heh heh. On the other hand, I had no gulls.  On the third hand, I am rather proud of the fish in Saturday’s post.  It was gone from the beach the next morning, which is just as well. I suspect the Cowboy had designs on that fish.

Sunday was another good day, featuring bright sunshine and sparkling waves. Perfect weather for walking and spindancing and digging to China, so we did all that.  It was also the day of the Annual Stone Circle Hot Dog Roast.  I made pineapple casserole.  It went over a treat.  I hope you’re having a fine Labor Day weekend of your own. Maybe you’re working today—at the Eastport Market or the cafe at Chris and Sonny’s or the Kings’ farm markets or the Township EMS or fire department or Munson Hospital or a unit in Afghanistan—so that the rest of us can grill some burgers and get rid of stuff at yard sales and buy school supplies. If that’s your lot today, thank you. May you have fine weather and Clear Margins for a holiday of your own real soon.