Moon rises over Blue Heaven

Posted on August 25, 2010


Meander north along US-31 through Torch Lake Township, which is pretty much the only way you can make the trip, and you will find the entrance to Blue Heaven right across the highway from the entrance to Eden Shores.  Those 1920s real estate developers were wily. But maybe they had it right.

It’s surprising how often I have to pull over to admire the sky over Blue Heaven. I drink my fill and turn toward home, thinking that I am wise to live in a landscape that delights me. Then real life happens—one of the dogs barfs up grass and lordknowswhat, or I have to fill my propane tank, or the Township Board commits inscrutability—and the romance of it all fades into the background. Still . . . I’ve stocked my memory banks with images that I love. I can always haul one out when I really need it.