The wrong kind of purple and the wrong kind of swan. The sky’s gonna fall.

Posted on August 23, 2010


Babs writes: Here we are in East Jordan with a lovely pair of swans. Now I think that purple is purple loosestrife, which is an invasive species that we are not supposed to like. I do like the color it adds to this photo, so I promise not to like it too much and will try not to photograph it ever again.

Yup. It probably is purple loosestrife, Babs. When I was on the Friends of the Jordan board, battling the stuff was a continuing saga. I think we can agree amongst ourselves, though, to like the species without liking its invasiveness. It is a lovely color . . . and I think you should take the pictures you want to take. Besides–I hate to break this to you, but the swans are invasive Mute Swans and they’ve chased off all the native Trumpeter Swans.

Practically everything decorative turns out to be “introduced,” and I don’t think there’s much we can do about stuff that’s been here for a century anyway. We might as well admire it while it takes over the places where other things used to grow–other things that were in all likelihood “introduced” themselves. Meanwhile isn’t the Jordan River splendid? All the cool people have been over there looking at it while I sit here staring at the screen and getting brain cramp. I believe I’d better go put the little kayak into it. If I can remember to keep the open side up it should be a nice paddle.

  • Followup:  PJ Grath has tried to link to this post to no avail, so we’re going to trick our rival blogging platforms.  I’m going to link to her post right here.  Ha!  Take that!  You really will enjoy her post, North Leelanau County from Low to High. Go ahead. You’ll love it. Virtual travel is broadening.
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