Rob the Firefighter is OK

Posted on August 13, 2010


I sat down to open my email this morning and saw Incoming in my Family folder. Ah! Something from Rob the Firefighter! Then I saw the subject line, and my heart plummeted. “It’s not me.” Bless him a thousand times for sending that. Because I had it before I heard the news, before I learned that six Detroit firefighters were badly injured this morning when an eastside building collapsed on them.

Not my son. My heart beats out the talisman. He’s fine, he’s fine. But at Detroit Receiving and at St. Johns Hospital, six other families wait to hear, and we are all one family.  Send our family a good thought today, will you? And send another to the men and women who fight fires in your community, wherever it may be. 

This is one of my very favorite t-shirts.  It is sold as a fund raiser for the Detroit Firefighters Fund, which has helped to support firefighter widows and orphans since 1866.  Rob the Firefighter bought it for me.  Most of the people who buy the shirts are on the job.  Taking care of family.