Public Service Announcement

Posted on July 27, 2010


I know this is late notice, but I think you might want to meet some people who will be over at the Township Hall at 7:00 on Thursday evening (July 29).  The Upper Torch Lake Association has set up a meet-the-candidates night where you can look over a selection of offerings for State Representative and County Commissioner in the August 3 primary election.  

GACK! I can hear you saying to yourself.  There’s a primary on August 3?  Yes.  Soooo . . . deciding which little circles to blacken fully is the task we have between now and Tuesday.  If you’re still working on that decision, the Thursday forum will give you a fine opportunity.  Or, you could always just go study the clutter of signs along US 31.

I recommend that you go meet the folks who are going to brave the forum on Thursday.  

Candidates for State Representative, 105th District, in the Republican primary (Greg Dean being the only candidate in the Democratic primary)

  • Tim Boyko
  • Triston Cole
  • Kenneth R. Glasser
  • Dennis Lennox
  • Greg MacMaster  

Candidates running for Antrim County Commissioner, District 3 (there’s no contest in either primary, but you get an early look at the November contenders)

  • Karen Sue Bargy in the Republican primary
  • Kathleen Peterson in the Democratic primary

I am plenty mad at myself about all this.  A week and a half ago Donna Lane sent me a flyer about the candidates night and asked me if I’d post it.  I said I would.  Then I didn’t get around to it.  Tonight she asked politely if I’d remind everyone.  GACK!   Apologies to Donna, and to you.  To make up for it, here’s a link to the complete Ballot information for the 2010 primary election in Torch Lake Township.