Glory time is upon us

Posted on July 25, 2010


These are perfectly ripe apricots over at King’s.  I am fond of apricots, and I have been eating more than my share in the last couple of days.  That’s OK, though, as there are still plenty for you.  Every farmstand and farm market in Antrim County is overflowing with riches.  You can choose from the abundance on the shelves, or you can go out in field and orchard and pick your own, which has its own pleasures. 

Plums and potatoes and raspberries and beans and blueberries, oh joy!  OK, you do not want to dig your own potatoes but I highly recommend U-pick berries, as they are fragile and perfection is fleeting.  (Not so fleeting that I don’t manage to capture it, even if I am slowing down.)

I found really good corn and the tomatoes, too, “imported” from right down the road in Bay County.  The first of the Antrim corn and tomatoes are coming on in mere days.  Perhaps hours.  When I have a little minute I’ll make you a slideshow.  Just now I’m off to scout the terrain.