Charlevoix Light at dusk

Posted on July 19, 2010


Babs Young was out and about north of here last Tuesday. She writes: The Charlevoix Light was looking very handsome and there were several admirers of it and the very nice sunset as well. Notice the sliver of the moon in the western sky that evening.

I think the lighthouse looks just like a Rocket Ship–the kind that featured heavily in the imaginations of children in the pre-Sputnik 1950s. What wonderful journeys we dreamed up. Ah well. If you click on the image, you will end up with a larger version, and in that larger version you will see the silvery little eyelash of a moon Babs is talking about. As you can imagine, it was dark indeed later on Tuesday night, and the rapscallion dogs took full advantage, haring through the underbrush in search of adventure and burrs. At least the din warned off the porcupines and skunks, and there were no Untoward Incidents.