Signs you must be Up North

Posted on June 23, 2010


I got home after a long day in what has already been a long week–and here it is only Wednesday night!–and Katherine had kindly painted the fence. She writes: Love people’s inventiveness (is that even a word?) I was turning around to go to a garage sale I missed when I saw this sign on the road to Stone Circle. Just wish I had seen the fawn.

That rolling gravel road climbs up a good sized hill on its way to Stone Circle. The view from the top is very nice, even at night, as it is a very good place for stargazing. The road is heavily wooded to the south, and there are a lot of deer, some of them reckless fawns. Terry Wooten, Bard and Proprietor of Stone Circle, mows the verge and posted the sign to give the fawns a fighting chance to make it to adulthood.

It’s raining and thundering outside tonight. I hope the fawns are tucked under some nice cedars.