Chris and Sonny throw a party and You Are There

Posted on June 11, 2010


Last weekend Chris and Sonny had a Reception to Meet the Artist at the Torch Lake Market.  They were honoring muralist Dennis Orlowski, who created the delightful Window on Torch Lake right where I can look at it when I am having breakfast.  Here’s Dennis telling Loraine Mottern all about it.

He had arrived early and met Ode and Crystal.  The next thing you know, he was drawing their portraits. Well, if I could draw, I’d draw their portraits, too.  Dennis made a good job of it.

Chris and Sonny laid on whitefish pate and excellent sausages and punch and cookies and there I was busy taking pictures.  I had to come back the next day for leftovers.  Donna Lane, who is Dennis’s sister, gave each guest a party favor: a poster of the Orlowski History of Poland murals.  That was a nice touch, and a popular one, too.

Donna took a lot of photos, and they were better than mine.  On the other hand, I took photos with Donna in them, so it all balances out.  Here she is talking to Sylvia and Jim Walworth.  No, Jim is not saying “No Press, please!”  Jim is talking with his hands.  It kind of looks like Donna is making a point, doesn’t it?

I recommend that you look at Donna’s photos on this special page. She caught a lot more people than I did. I was probably paying too much attention to the sausages.