Babs goes to Rapid City

Posted on May 17, 2010


Babs Young has made Rapid City an irresistible destination.  She writes:

This is Miller’s Antiques in Rapid City. Worth a stop any time you are visiting the area. It goes on and on, and if you are looking for something, he probably has it. It may take awhile to find it, though.

I’m putting some more images of Miller’s on Flickr. They are being uploaded as I write this. You can see them in the Miller’s Antiques set.

Up until now I have known of three fine features of Rapid City:

  1. It is the home of Bard Jim Ribby, who is a friend and performance poet and probation officer–not my probation officer, you understand, just generally a probation officer for miscreants in Grand Traverse County. Not that I have a probation officer in any case. If I did, I would like it to be Jim, because people who know a great deal more about this than I do say that he’s very good at his job. I digress even more than usual.
  2. It is where the 314-acre Seven Bridges natural area has been preserved. This is a wonderful spot that, when I went looking for a link for you, I discovered has no proper web presence of its very own. We must remedy that.
  3. It is beloved of one Marilyn Doty Larson, who wrote to me back in 2008 when I started Torch Lake Views. TLV was, she opined, a worthy blog, but it lacked reference to Rapid City, the Gateway to Torch Lake. I wrote back that I was having all I could do to get my thoughts organized around Torch Lake Township but that if I ever expanded my geographical reach, I would like her to show me around Rapid City.

Clearly it is time for me to get in touch with Marilyn again.

Every week photographer Babs Young captures moments in northern Michigan, and every week she sends one to Torch Lake Views just for you. You can find more of her photos at the Babs Young Photo Archives and on her Blue Heaven Flickr photostream.