A little surprise, and a contest to brighten March Mudness

Posted on March 23, 2010


This is a little surprise for you, and a little mystery, and a little game, all rolled into one.  A Michigan muralist whose work has appeared in national publications is at work in Torch Lake Township.  The new work is just beginning to emerge.  Here are some glimpses of the early stages of the process. 

There is a contest.

  • Where do you suppose the mural is going up? 
  • Who might the muralist be?  (You might have to do some research.)
  • What is his connection to Torch Lake Township?  (This is hard, so I’ll give extra points for creative guesses, even if they’re wrong.)

An excellent treat goes to the first person who can guess, or to the person who comes up with the most interesting wrong answers, or both.  And no, the people I talked to about it today while taking these photos are not eligible.  Nor are their family members.  And just for good measure, Babs isn’t eligible either.

Answers on Thursday, though not necessarily here.  Have fun!