What, our Babs, AWOL?

Posted on March 8, 2010


No, Babs has not deserted Torch Lake Views for greener pastures.  It seems that there is a Technical Problem at my ISP.  In any case, the Sunday picture did not arrive in my email box, nor in other email boxes in the township, and I did not learn about the Technical Problem until I got home from work tonight.  OK, tomorrow morning I will walk over to Blue Heaven and get a copy of the Sunday picture on a USB drive and walk home and post it on the blog.  I swear, sometimes rural life is a pain in the YakTrax.  Meanwhile, you can look at these:

This is what my desk looked like this morning as I was trying to figure out which way to jump.  There is a pile on my beloved Civil War veterans and their land patents.  There is a pile on the gasoline contamination in Torch Lake Township.  There is a pile on broadband internet service.  Underneath all the piles there are more piles.  You don’t want to know.

Outdoors it looked a lot more appealing.  We have had an unprecedented string of sunny days, and although it has been cold, the sun is melting the snow at a satisfactory pace.  There is a patch of lovely brown on the south-facing slope by my well. 

What–you think this is boring?  Huh.  We think it is a cause for celebration.  Cora Stoppert and I–you remember Cora, she’s the one who makes lemon meringue pie and other wonders–Cora and I are going to have dinner together on Friday to celebrate the March thaw, and also the lovely gift of codfish from her son.  Cora is from the Maritimes, and is passionate about codfish.  I digress, but I also like fish, and I am looking forward to Friday.

Meanwhile, I promise you your weekly fix of Babs in the next day or so, and I will also bring you a story about a new source of excellent treats that Kathy Windiate has put me onto.  I tell you, there are no end of stories in the Township.  OK, only 1200 or so, but that’s more than enough to keep this place going for another couple of years.