Victorian parlor tricks, exotic animals, and a free afternoon at Raven Hill

Posted on March 5, 2010


The Frugal Bugle has an announcement.  Thanks to funding from the Charlevoix Community Foundation, the whole family can visit Raven Hill Discovery Center free on the second Saturday of the month.  I recommend you try it.  If you have never been to Raven Hill, you will be amazed.  Even if you have been there you will be amazed.  There’s always something new and astonishing. 

On tap for Saturday, March 13, from noon-4:00—Science Magic:

  • demonstrations of dazzling “parlor tricks” performed in Victorian times (before TV and computers)
  • challenges for families to try a “trick” for themselves
  • problem-solving demos & activities to fit various ages, abilities and interests
  • science challenges that strengthen creative & critical thinking skills

And you can visit the animal room, pet a boa constrictor, feed a tortoise, explore the museum, tour the outside exhibits, or strap on snowshoes, YakTrax, or mud boots (Michigan weather is so unpredictable in March) and go for a walk in a beautiful natural area.  Free!  I don’t see how you can go wrong.  (You can meet RHDC founder Cheri Leach and a couple of my Associate Grandchildren in the animal room in Borrowing grandchildren, meeting a boa constrictor and playing in a giant sandbox.)

To get to Raven Hill from Torch Lake Township, follow C-48 to and through East Jordan, and continue on toward Boyne City.  About 3½ miles east of East Jordan, turn right on Pearsall Road and immediately (I mean right away–it’s about 50 feet) turn left on Fuller Road.  Go straight up the big hill ¾ of a mile.  The center is on the right, with parking in the rear, fun everywhere.  To get there from anywhere else, I recommend you consult Mapquest or your favorite GPS advisor.  The address is 04737 Fuller Road, East Jordan, MI 49727.  For more information call (231) 536-3369. 

There will be more special events at Raven Hill every second Saturday in 2010.