This table is reserved

Posted on February 15, 2010


Babs and I had made plans to meet for breakfast at Sonny’s this morning.  At the appointed hour—and there’s a miracle all by itself—I arrived. Babs was going in the door as I hit the parking lot. By the time I got to the table there was a cup of coffee for me, a Mountain Dew for Babs, and a sign. I was so busy yapping that I didn’t even notice the sign at first. When I did, I realized that this was a perfect photo opportunity. Chris Szejbach climbed up on a chair to get just the right angle. For all those who have clamored to see a picture of Babs, here you go.

The sign was Chris and Sonny’s little joke.  This is definitely our Regular Booth and a fairly typical breakfast.  Chris is good at capturing the context.  See the truck outside with the plow attached?  Lots of those around here just now.  And for those of you from Away, I am the unkempt one on the left.  Babs is the kempt one on the right. 

There have been times when we have met for breakfast, conversed at length, and ended up having lunch, too. This was not destined to be one of those times. I don’t know about Babs, but I had three weeks’ worth of laundry to do and the other day job to get to. We did, however, manage to cover a good deal of ground, and you can look forward to future tales of broadband in Torch Lake Township, artism at JRAC, and whatever else we run into between now and then.

Um, full disclosure: I usually order hashbrowns, too, but I’ve had a look at my profile in the mirror and thought I ought to Take Measures.  Chris suggested that I simply hang a sheet over the mirror, and that has possibilities.  Anyway, she brought my pitifully downsized breakfast on a small plate so that it would at least appear to be an enormous breakfast.  It worked, too.

As for why Babs prefers Mountain Dew to a proper cup of coffee in the morning, all I can say is that Babs is not Swedish.