A whiter shade of pale

Posted on January 20, 2010


We can’t spend all our time playing on the tubing run.  We must spend some time experimenting with our cameras.  Scott Thomas has posted a new photo challenge over at Views Infinitum


I can hear Jack Bodis groaning already.  It’s enough that we have to live in it.  Do we have to look at it too? Ah, but there are many ways to fulfill the assignment, and even in January not all of them involve Wintry Mix. This is my sketchbook of possibilities, all gathered in the space of ten minutes inside my house or on or near the deck.

My friend Betty Lurie is a studio potter who uses many different white glazes on her porcelain. She can see so many things in “white” that it would make your head spin. So, it turns out, can I, though my thoughts tend toward the metaphorical. In any case, it’s an absorbing indoor game, and that’s what we need in the cold months. If you’d like to play, you can read up on the assignment at Scott’s site, and then either post on your own site or Flickr or some such or get in touch with me and I’ll help you put up your own post on Torch Lake Views, where denizens of the Township (actual or virtual) are always invited to help whitewash the fence.