Moonrise over Elk Rapids

Posted on November 1, 2009


This was an unsettling day, what with getting back the hour stolen from me last spring and then having a hard time keeping track of it. I was in danger of being early for everything, but then I got distracted.

On the way to Traverse City there is an old orchard. This year the deer are welcome to the apples. There is an enormous surplus, and much of the crop will be withheld from the market. (Amos Farms has invited nonprofits to come pick what they can for distribution through food pantries and shelters.) The world is out of joint, but the deep red apples are striking against the golden leaves.

Surplus apples

Farther down the road, wild turkeys foraged near Birch Lake.  Usually they flow into the underbrush before I can dig out the camera, but today they seemed to be in no hurry. Perhaps they, too, have an extra hour. 

Wild Turkeys near Birch Lake

What with one thing and another, it was really too late to go to the Dennos so I stopped in Elk Rapids to see what Louan Lechler was up to.  I talked her into dinner at Pearl’s, or maybe she talked me into it.   We got there in time for a Happy Hour discount on our Golden Margaritas, so we splurged on extra sides. Things were looking up.  Louan knows how to tell a story better than anyone else I know.  A couple of hours later, equilibrium restored, I headed home.  The moon was rising over Bass Lake.    

Moonrise over Bass Lake

It was rising over the Shell station on Ames Street, where the night shift was busy at the tail end of a November Sunday.

Moonrise over the Shell Station

It was rising over the Writing Studio and Bait Shop, where Miss Sadie and the Cowboy waited for their bedtime walk. Somewhere in there I spent my hour, and received good value.