You woke me up for this?

Posted on September 4, 2009


I have been musing on the nature of Public Discourse. The largest headline in today’s Record-Eagle says Summer’s End: Students get in last bit of fun. Must be a slow news day. Then there’s the sage advice on the business pages. An AP story advises that dollar stores are Not always a deal and that consumers should Beware the fine print, Shop around, Read price tags, Stick to a list, and Check store policies.

Who reads this stuff anyway? It makes me feel better about blogging about my dogs and praying mantises. I seldom mention the cat, who prefers to maintain a low profile, but I thought this particular photo served admirably as the illustration for today’s post.

Miss Puss

I enjoy living in a county where the biggest news is usually the progress of the orchards, the price of lakefront property, and the nefarious doings of the local Planning Commission. (FYI, the apples and pears are coming along nicely, lakefront property still costs more than you wish it did unless you already own it in which case it is stuck in low gear, and the Planning Commission has committed no dastardly deeds of late, though I am sure there are people who disagree with me about that. We are a contentious bunch in the Township.)

It is not that we commit no sins, but that we are not especially ambitious in our sinning.  I always feel that if there’s something really important going on in Antrim County someone will tell me about it sooner or later.  This is probably not true, which is worrying.

So.  Onward to the really important news.  Awhile ago I made a commitment to delete excess stuff.  Here is the first orange bagful.

The Orange Bag - OK Red
You probably think the bag is red, right? Fine. Have it your way.  While I was taking the picture the garbage truck pulled up.  In one smooth motion the driver jumped out, tossed the other orange bag in the back, hopped back onto his seat, and made good his escape.  I know what he was thinking.  Now what’s that nut doing–taking pictures of the garbage?  Sheesh.  Takes all kinds. 

The Icepick FoundOn the plus side, while I was sorting and pitching I found my icepick.