Fresh temptations in Torch Lake Township

Posted on August 13, 2009


As Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I went about our daily rounds, we noticed a number of enhancements to the overall business environment. Dale Burns over at Margaritaville North painted some of his deck chairs a brilliant red, and tricked out another in a cow pattern. The paint is particularly glossy and virtually bulletproof. I like it. When I stopped to take a picture, Dale’s dad Bob was there, so we chatted about this and that, and he showed me his new intarsia golf bag design that’s going over well, and I found out that his other son, Steve, is a painter.  In fact, he’s the very painter who just finished freshening up Schoolhouse Antiques.

Red chairs in the sunshine

The sign at Sonny’s promised stuffed grape leaves and tabbouleh. I love Middle Eastern food. Next to Rob the Firefighter and the Lady Alicia, it’s what I miss most about Detroit. I stopped and shopped. I truly meant to do some food styling for you, but I was hungry, and the Cowboy was hungry, and what with one thing and another . . . well, take my word for it, the grape leaves and the tabbouleh are quite tasty, and make a much healthier lunch than the peanut butter and jam sandwich I was thinking about having. Also, the nasturtiums Chris planted outside the little red storage cabin are pretty and I thought you should see them.

Chris's nasturtiums

An installer from COLI Communications was putting in a receiver over at Bob and Joanna Hicks’s, which I’m pretty sure means that Bob’s website design service is doing well, or that COLI is rolling out broadband aggressively, or both. I would be more excited about this except that this morning I spent a long time over at the Township Hall working on the other day job, which is the EMS billing, and the internet service kept disappearing at critical moments. Am I being a crank? I am, aren’t I! Sorry.

COLI installation

Finally, Tim Peterson’s sign promised a view of Torch Lake from the porch at Peterson’s US-31 North—AND favorable prices. Ever the consumer advocate, I checked it out. Sure enough, you can see the lake from the porch. I have to go back when the restaurant’s open to report on the new menu. I can hardly wait.

View of the Torch from Peterson's Porch