Babs goes to Sunnybank

Posted on August 3, 2009


Babs Young writes: I was in Traverse City many times this week seeing lots of wonderful films at the 5th Annual Traverse City Film Festival. We had to park a few blocks from Lars Hockstad and parked on 6th Street. If you have gone down 6th you know that it has lots of absolutely beautiful Victorian homes. There is one called Sunnybank at 325 6th Street and it has a sign that says Garden Open. I was drawn in and took the tour. This is just one image. To see and learn lots more go to Dee Blair’s website and click on home and garden.

Lilies in Dee Blair's Garden at Sunnybank

Now I am morose. I am a fan of Dee’s Record-Eagle column, and think she is a marvel. But gardens are rather a sore point with me at the moment. Dee is growing these lovely lilies while I am growing . . . liverworts. Really, I must take myself in hand. But not today. Today it is pouring as I write this, and Miss Sadie and the Cowboy have not been for their walk. The followup to that should take up the balance of the morning. Ah well. The rain will be good for the liverworts.

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