Torch Lake Views on radio with whatshisname

Posted on June 23, 2009


Elva Cowell says she was listening to her favorite morning show yesterday and heard a segment about, of all things, a little Eastport blog.  The host read some posts on-air, and we thank him for it.  Elva says that he, um, omitted to mention the actual name of the humble scribe who put the posts together.  My 15 minutes of fame and I missed them!  I want a do-over!  I will get up in the dark and walk the Disreputable Duo before 7:00! I will call in with an intelligent comment! OK, that last one’s a stretch.

Memo to the Host

Rob the Firefighter disapproves of the laying on of guilt, particularly by his mother.  So I take it back.  Thanks for reading Torch Lake Views. I have to confess you’re a pretty popular fellow around here, and with all the Ron Jolly-related links I stuffed into this post, I’ll bet it draws a lot of traffic. Heh heh.