We are holding the Kloosters in our hearts

Posted on June 20, 2009


Have you heard?  The news spread through the Township.  Gerry Klooster had died in a motorcycle accident.  Bud and Rosa’s Gerry.  Not again.

Everyone here knows Bud and Rosa Klooster.  Most of us brought our trucks and cars and tractors to the Eastport Garage back when Bud and their son Mike worked miracles on old engines.  Rosa did the books, and a tumble of grandchildren visited the shop.  Coffee was always on.  Banter filled the air.  Such a good place.  Good people.  Then Mike died in an auto accident.  Terrible grief.  Terrible.  The garage closed, the heart gone out of it. 

Now Mike’s brother Gerald—Pastor of Living Word North in Bellaire—has died, too.  The funeral service starts in less than an hour, over at the Central Lake High gym.  It will be packed.  I hope the depth of community grieving brings comfort to Gerry’s wife Patti and their children and grandchildren, to his sisters, to Bud and Rosa.