Lilacs enter, stage right

Posted on May 22, 2009


Rob the Firefighter is visiting, and we have been haring around the countryside in his sporty new car, enjoying spring.  I cleverly steered him through Bellaire, where we had lunch at Short’s and shared a lemon bar at MOKA for dessert.  Everywhere we went we caught the faint scent of lilacs. Along a couple of stretches there were whole hedges of them in full, fragrant bloom. I did not take any pictures, but fortunately I have some from Sue Keena, who took these last spring when she was pruning the lilacs around Torch Bay Inn, tossing the blooms into a trailer full of beautiful children towed behind her golf cart.

Sue Keena - Kids in lilacs

Sue Keena - Lilac beauty

Sue had some other photos to share, too – more about those in a day or two. Gotta go – we’re going to Sonny’s for brunch.