Backstage in Elk Rapids

Posted on May 19, 2009


As Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I had business in Elk Rapids several times in the last week, we’ve been watching the community fluff up in preparation for the Big Show. It’s very pleasant to wander around backstage while other people do all the work. The marina is humming as boats move from storage into their berths in the harbor. Parks employees varnish picnic tables, put out buoys, groom the playground.  Garden Club volunteers nurture patches of cheer along the boardwalk.

Over at the Chamber of Commerce the big swan wears a green kerchief (Elk Rapids is determined to become Green-ER, which strikes me as a laudable ambition). The year-round businesses re-do displays and unpack summer orders. The summer shops open on weekends, limbering up for what everyone hopes will be a busy season. The sign outside the Riverwalk Grill says “Go Red Wings – Now Hiring.” Lookin’ good, ER.

First boats in the harbor

Varnishing picnic tables

Summer flags



Fishing behind the dam

Chamber Swan in Green-ER kerchief