Quiet clouds of pink.

Posted on May 17, 2009


As promised, I returned to the nectarine orchard in search of clouds of pink blossoms. Found ’em, too. Looky here:

Hoping for nectarines4

It was cold up there on the ridge. The wind tossed the branches about, and rose to a howl. Then it would quiet down, and I’d try again to get a focused image.

Hoping for nectarines3

But even when the clouds blew by and the sun came out, there was no busy humming. I did not see or hear any bees. This is not a good sign. Dr. Nikki Rothwell explains it all for you in a bracingly clear column from this morning’s Record-Eagle.

Hoping for nectarines5

Hold a good thought for some spring warmth, a little kindness, a little contented hummmmm.