Show me a story over a cinnamon roll . . .

Posted on February 25, 2009


Sonny’s is set to reopen next week. Chris and Sonny will be the people swanning about wearing suntans and relaxed expressions. I will be the pale creature tottering in the door at daybreak, gazing hopefully at the case where the cinnamon rolls reside in season.  Show me a story and I’ll share my cinnamon roll with you.  Wait, wait – don’t I mean tell me a story?  Not exactly.

I place a high value on stories. My mother used to tell me tales of Flornoy while she brushed the tangles out of my long hair and braided it into a Swedish crown.  Flornoy, it seems, was the wretched elf responsible for making the tangles and for a great deal of other mischief.  My grandmother bounced me on her knee and sang Rida, rida ranka and another song about the boy who worked and worked and couldn’t pull up the carrot.  (This was considered a hilarious tale.  The Swedish sense of humor is subtle.) 

My dad read me the comics from the newspaper.  I listened to radio stories with my grandfather.  Then I learned to read.  That is sort of like saying “then the spaceship landed and I stepped out onto a new planet.”  Then we moved to town and I discovered movies.  More stories and more ways to tell them.  

Then I found out that we told true—or mostly true—stories about real people  and called it history.  Then I learned about telling stories in poetry.  And then, rather late in life, I discovered the storytelling power of the visual arts. 

Now I tell stories about people in Torch Lake Township and Antrim County, and about Miss Sadie and the Cowboy . . . and I feel as if I might never run out of stories, which is why I feel rich. 

I digress.  It’s what I do.  Here’s the point. 

Scott Thomas has issued another playful assignment for photographers and would-be photographers.  This one runs through Sunday, March 1, and asks for a story told in a single photo.  You can read more about it on Scott’s site: Assignment #2 – Storytelling.  I’m going to play, and once more invite the Torch Lake Views Irregulars to post entries here.  First I gotta read the manual for my point-‘n’-shoot Canon.  I’ll show you whatever I come up with, if you’ll show me yours.  And I’ll share my cinnamon roll with you.