Happy Thanksgiving Aunt Jimmie

Posted on November 26, 2008


Not everyone is blessed to have an aunt named Jimmie, and in fact only nine people in the universe have been blessed with my particular Aunt Jimmie. She knows how to have fun better than practically anybody I know, and she can do it on a shoestring. Between her house and mine, we’ve spent a lot of holidays together and every one makes a happy memory. I’ll be seeing her again this Thanksgiving, and I’m just thinking about her. She’s a firecracker. Here she is with my mom sometime in the 1940s. My mom was a firecracker too. I miss her. I hope you’re lucky enough to have some firecrackers in your family, and that at least some of them will be able to share this holiday with you. May you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Jimme and Mom c.1942