Posted on November 21, 2008


This morning I looked up to see deer looking in at me through the kitchen window.  Great, I thought, I’ll take a picture.  Of course by the time I found the camera they were up on the ridge, frozen in place like little kids who think you won’t see them if they keep absolutely still.  They didn’t seem to move at all, but no matter where I moved, they managed to shift, and I was never able to capture their faces.  I took a whole bunch of snapshots anyway.  Here’s my favorite.  I think it would make a good jigsaw puzzle.  I would title it “Deer Rears” but people would just think I didn’t know how to spell in French.

Deer puzzle

In the bitter cold of Wednesday night my car battery died in the IGA parking lot, and I do not know why.  Maybe it had something to do with the arctic winds howling down on the poor thing.  Maybe it was its age.  (I do not like to think that.)  Fortunately: Mike Shuman was there to give me a ride home (thanks Mike), Mick Ambler gave me a ride back the next day (thanks Mickey), and Bruce Merrifield, Certified Mechanic, came down and got me back on the road (thanks Bruce).  This morning the car started as nicely as you can imagine.  Mystery not solved, but the car is going back to Bruce on Tuesday for winter servicing and a thorough look at its innards.  Maybe a new battery too.  Puzzling car, great community.

The fourth thumbnail is not a picture of Mike Shuman but a repeat of the Deer Rears. This is not a commentary on Mike but a reflection of the oddities of WordPress. I did not take a picture of Mike on Wednesday on account of it was very dark and very cold and I did not have my camera anyway.