September song – verse three

Posted on September 11, 2008


September, and my thoughts turn to art. I don’t know why. Here are some artistic adventures you could have this very weekend:

Fine Arts Festival in Central Lake, September 13, 10am-4pm

You’ve probably been to at least one arts event at Murphy’s Lamplighter. Saturday’s festival will be held on the grounds, but it’s a juried show sponsored by the Parkside Arts Council. Big doings.

Amazing quilts at Dennos 12 Voices show

The opening is Saturday, but you can go down to the Dennos right now and see the quilts, because the show has already been installed. Looky here (you remember the click-to-enlarge thing, right?): Updated 9-12-08:  Oops.  Dennos curator Diana Bolander informs me that there are copyright issues, so I’ve removed my photos of the quilts from TLV.  (Although you can look at today’s Record-Eagle for a couple of them . . . maybe they haven’t heard about the copyright issues . . . ) Go see them for yourself. In their place, I give you the new musk ox and the new polar bear, which are not copyrighted:


Rare Threads on the Fringe, Jordan River Arts Council
Opening September 14, 1:00-4:00pm

I mentioned this before, but it merits mentioning again, not least because I want to stay on the good side of Babs Young, Contributing Photographer. Imagine all the wonderful things anyone could create with fibers of any sort. Visit the JRAC website for lots more information, and take a look at the beadwork fishing lure on the poster. I covet that lure. (I have a long history of infatuation with fishing lures. Comes of growing up in Rhinelander.)

Arts funding for Antrim County

Now a word to you artists and art lovers out there. (I figure if you made it this far through the post you must be one or both.) I serve on the panel that reviews grant proposals from our region for the MCACA Mini-Grant Regional Regranting Program. There were 16 applications in the most recent round, and not one of them – not one – was from Antrim County. If you are involved with a non-profit arts and/or cultural institution you should make it your business to change that. The deadline for applying in the next round is February 1. Get in touch with Diane Hubert, the administrator, or email me and I’ll tell you all about it. (Please note: If I help you with a proposal, or if I am affiliated with your organization, I will of course recuse myself from the relevant review.)