Cowslips for Gram

Posted on May 10, 2008


Lots of people bought flowers and cards for mothers, grandmothers and wives today. Early tomorrow morning little kids will bounce into the bed clutching pastel envelopes that say “I love you Mommy.” Young husbands will bring young wives breakfast on trays and give them cards that say “Happy First Mothers Day.”

Lots of us think of mothers and grandmothers and wish we could laugh together just one more time. I remember walking along a country road with Gram, spying the pretty yellow flowers in the ditch. “Those are cowslips,” she said, and held my hand tightly while I reached down to pick some. I love them still, and here are some for you. You probably think of them as marsh marigolds, but isn’t it more fun to think of a dairy herd decked out in yellow silk lingerie?  Happy Mothers Day.