Babs Young’s weekly photos to appear in Torch Lake Views

Posted on March 2, 2008


Elizabeth Edwards’ new barnBabs Young’s neighbors close up their houses and go away just when things are getting interesting.  They’d really rather be here with us, watching the lake freeze over, monitoring the progress of Ryan and Andrea Romeyn’s new barn, tracing the patterns ice crystals form on the windows as the LP tank empties.  Babs is a kind person, and for years she has emailed a new photo each week to a growing roster of admirers.  At right is her first photo-of-the-week for 2008, the new barn going up on M-88.  You can see archives for earlier years at Mich Pic 3 photo collection, and now she’s given me permission to publish her work in Torch Lake Views

This week’s photo is below.  Babs wrote: This one is a little more abstract than I normally send. But the lines in the ice on Torch Lake are just too lovely not to photograph. The lake seems to be completely frozen over and there were ice boats down from Sonny’s yesterday. It’s warm today (37º) and I didn’t see any, but colder temps are due so they may be out again. They are great to photograph.

Torch Lake abstract

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